Monday, May 11, 2015

Vintage Silver photo frame!

Went to a flea market on Saturday and purchased this old vintage frame. Perfect to add to my collection of "all silver" frames.  Almost all my frames were purchased at thrift stores or flea-markets. This collection is all black & white. Love black & white or sepia prints. Guess I am nostalgic!

Mother's Day weekend 2015!

Had a beautiful mother's day yesterday. Was treated to lunch with my sweet son and husband. Certainly missed our daughter, but she was in the midst of law school finals. Feel so blessed to be the mom of an amazing son and an amazing daughter. Here is a pic from yesterday and a fb photo of my daughter and I on her wedding day. Finally, here is a snap of my mom whom is now 91 years old. I will get to visit her in June. Can't wait!

Have never seen a more beautiful bride! She reminded me of a young Grace Kelly! Mother's Day is extra special for me because Catherine was actually born on Mother's Day. What greater Mother's Day gift could there ever be?

Hope that mom's everywhere had a special day!