Saturday, September 27, 2014

H&M Gold Dress with Purple Sandals

This picture was taken the beginning of this summer.  I absolutely love this Gold dress.  In fact, I wore this dress for good luck on the day of my final UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) exam...I was "going for gold.":)

H&M casual dress
Best fashion advice I've received... "always stay comfy."

Paired with some cute sandals from Goodwill. They seemed brand new! I cleaned them up anyways.  <3

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sailboat prints & ocean-scene paintings!

Found an old children's book on ships & sailboats while thrifing this morning. Bought the book for .50 cents... just to clip out the soft palette photos. How much fun can a girl have on a Saturday morning for .50 cents? See pics below: 

Love the color palette of these sailboat prints found in an old children's book.

This one is just so beautiful!

Bought this sailboat print about a year ago. Love it!

This is an SF sailboat painting that  I purchased at a thrift-store in Oregon. It is a favorite!

Here, my favorite SF sailboat painting sits on my bookshelf  in my living room!

This is a little painting of an ocean scene. I think it may be paint-by-numbers, but I love it!  Bought this at a thrift store in Brookings, Oregon.

Love to mix sailboat prints with rose prints. Such a pretty combination!

Catherine said that she ran across a beautiful sailboat print in a pink shabby-chic frame while thrifting in Newberyport awhile back. She regretted not purchasing it. She is thinking she may go back.....and see if by any chance it is still there. Would be so fun to see. Sounds beautiful!!

Happy Thrifting! Or if you are among the very lucky, Happy Sailing!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Colorful Summer Clothes

I am going to miss thrifting for summer clothes and items.  I'm not ready for the hot weather to end!

Vintage Patterned tank top (Please ignore that paper that fell on the floor~!!!)

I love my colorful tank peeping out of the collar of this sweater!~

White, Summer, Lightweight -  FOREVER 21


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Carve out a crafting area with fold up tables!

Have been searching for the perfect shabby chic farm-tables for the corner of my living room, but have not had luck in finding any. So for now, I  purchased 2 fold up tables at Walmart on clearance.  Added thrift-store marble tops and voila'........a perfectly functional and beautiful craft/art desk area.

Love a spot in my indulge in crafting, gift-wrapping etc.

All of the marble is mismatched but I don't mind.

Don't mind the clutter of craft-items etc. sitting out......

Love this space now!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Side-table change up!

Moved my thrift store entry table to the Living Room. Love it in this room. My old shabby chic vanity is now in entry way.....and provides both function and beauty.

This space is small, so need a table that is not too large. While it is a tight squeeze, it works well here. Love the thrift store marble pieces...that I have acquired over the course of the last 20 years or so.

 Though I love shabby chic, I am not a fan of frou frou, girlie, or cutesy. Moreover, my house never looks contrived or like a museum, which I love. The rooms just have a lived in look. You can plop down anywhere......and feel comfortable.

Of course, I always have to bring in shabby chic flowers. These are from my garden. My pink roses are still blooming in the September heat!

The vanity works great in my entry way. A little place for lamps, books and notes.

Love this little painting, that I purchased at a thrift-store in Oregon quite awhile back. It is a sail-boat traversing a bay area bridge.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pink Whisper Earrings

Check out these cute, over-sized, baby pink earrings.  I've received SO many compliments on them this summer!

Pierced and Lightweight = Perfect!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wedding Thrift Store Finds

I just got married! (As you can tell by my mom's blog below :)  Here are some wedding thrift store items I've picked up.

I wore this H&M diamond printed shirt so much during my engagement;  And I know I'll continue to wear it!!

HIS and HER matching slipper I found thrift store - wrapped in packaging, brand new.  I love these.

Vintage "Something Blue" garter. 

Vintage:  The Bride's Book

Beautiful illustrations

Lawrence, Mass. is the next town over from Andvoer where I live.  Nice to find a thrift store piece with some local history.

Can't wait to update my beautiful Bride's book. A photo of  "My Trousseau" will be pasted here.
This isn't a thrift item, but I'm betting my mom picked it up thrifting somewhere. <3 this engagement card!

My mom also gave me this beautiful vintage wedding card! It is so gorgeous!

Beautiful Vintage. Thanks Mama!      

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Travel books!

A thrift-store is a great place to find travel publications. You can often find photo books, books on the culture of a particular country, language primers, etc. Here are a few favorites that I have found while thrifting:  

Love both the photos and text in this beautiful little book. Was fortunate enough to travel to the Vatican City (Rome, Italy) in 1978 with the Minot State College Concert choir!

Have never been to Amsterdam. But perusing through this lovely book is the next best thing to traveling there., It looks so beautiful!

Gorgeous photos!

Have been to France, but never to Paris. Oh! How I would love the flea-markets in Paris!

A shot of the Eiffel Tower in this beautiful publication.

Another lovely Parisian photo!

An intro to language & culture! So fun!

This is another language book. It is so beautiful! I often display this little the color palette on the cover art is just so beautiful!

Another great travel book! Have been to Zurich, again performing as a concert choir member  at various venues in Switzerland.

That post makes me want to travel. Wish I had all the time in the world to do so, however I do not.....nor does the budget allow it. Oh well, there is always dreaming!!!  

Friday, September 5, 2014

"The Greatest of These is Love"

One of the most beautiful items I have ever acquired at a thrift store is this little vintage book by Bonnie Lindsay, Circa 1966:

Entitled, "The Greatest of These is Love", this treasured little book includes favorite passages and scriptures of the author. As per the author's words: "These favorite passages, can answer in perfect sequence our every need. He Left Us The Word.....We have only to inquire of these loving "Scriptures.".

Love this little book full of passages and scriptures so very much!

"The Lord's Prayer".........the greatest prayer of all!

A little passage from this book:  The Steeple beckons Look Up--HIGH UP--in Faith to God.  This is a pic of the steeple of the church that Catherine was recently married in. What a fitting passage!!!