Friday, February 28, 2014

A gourmet backsplash via marble cheeseboards!

When I spotted a white veined marble cheeseboard in the thrift-store, I snatched it up immediately, knowing that if I found two more identical ones (via a leap of faith), I could make a marble backsplash for behind my cook-top. I was able to find two more cheeseboards just like the one I purchased at the thrift-store on My idea turned out so great. I added two narrow marble threshold pieces (found at Lowe's) to hold olive oil, vinegar, spices, etc. Above the cook-top, I have a plain-jane white vent that I added peel & stick lights and three magnetic timers (found at Pier One). The vent now almost looks like a fancy euro unit. While my kitchen could use some up-dating, I have managed to give it a gourmet look without the expense.  Love it!  Also, I just have to post a pic of my new dish-washer that came just today. Have gone without a dish-washer for years, and now am looking forward to all the time I will save (NOT washing dishes). LOL :)

Love my new back-splash/cook-top area!

Having spices, olive oils, etc. accessible while cooking is so handy!

My new Bosch Dishwasher! Why did I wait so long?

Though my other appliances are white, it still fits in nicely!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crazy for Cable-knit

I'm sharing pictures of my new H&M zip-up cable-knit sweater. I love that it can keep zipping up and can give full coverage of your neck when its really cold outside too.  I think it's going to be one of my favorite GO-TO pieces!

Vintage fabric box!

Love this fabric box purchased at a thrift-store. The fabric is just so vintage! :) 

Sweet little flowered stripes!

Ribbon closure!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Plaid Love

I love my new plaid button up shirt! Even in retail stores (which I admittedly don't frequent often anymore) I've always had trouble finding a plaid shirt that I actually like. I usually I don't care for the colors, or otherwise I don't like the pattern of the plaid.  Finally, a thrift store has revealed to me a cute plaid shirt!  Another reason why I say..... you can find anything at the thrift store with a little patience!  Just have fun and embrace the hunt!

And please don't mind my wet hair in these pictures! Ufda!

Vintage Necklace - an older purchase from the thrift store
Pearlized Cameo Necklace

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How do you spell R-E-L-A-X? Large Fluffy Pillows!

I absolutely love large fluffy pillows piled everywhere. To me they invite relaxation. Here are a few pics. While almost everything I purchase for our home is found via thrifting, these Shabby Chic pink euro's and the rose-blossom euro-shams (2nd pic) are an exception. These Rose-blossom shams were a birthday gift from my husband. He purchased these for me at the SF Shabby Chic store several years ago. Love them!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Vintage Beaded Purse

Look at this beautiful vintage beaded purse...What a find!!  I've decided that although it would be great for a fancy evening or event, I'm still going to wear it casually...that way I can show it off!

Perfume decanters/bottles!

Love the look of perfume decanters/bottles gracing the top of a vanity or table. Have found several of these pretty treasures here and there at thrift-stores. Am also posting a pic of a new fragrance I purchased on a 1/2 off sale at Big-Lots right after the holidays; is called "Malibu" by Pamela Anderson. It is such a pretty scent. Of course my favorite perfume of all time is Ralph Lauren's "Romance". While this is not a thrift-store kind of item, it is one of those exceptions I make to my "buy smart, but thrift" philosophy. I always make sure I have a supply of "Romance" on hand, as evidenced by the pic of all the empty "Romance" bottles. Don't know why, but just can't toss out the empties. :)

Love the look of pretty perfume/fragrance decanters sitting out on a silver tray! Adds a bit of sparkle to the room!

Decanter/fragrance bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Often easy to find at thrift-stores.

"Romance" by Ralph Lauren. My all time favorite fragrance. Can't get enough of it. And for some reason, can't throw out the empties.

Love this scent by Pamela Anderson.

Perfume bottles just look so lovely sitting out.....ready to use.

Here, an array of decanters sit atop a pretty mirrored round tray. (Also found at thrift-store).

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Romantic Lighting!

Love romantic lighting! Have found some beautiful lamps, globes, shades, etc at thrift stores and flea-markets. Here is a sampling. 

These little lamps cast a soft romantic glow!

Love this pink globe found at a thrift-store in Brookings, Oregon for $1.00.

Found this pretty little lamp with the hanging crystals at the Paris Flea Market!

Love grouping many pretty lamps together. It imbues romance!

View from the hallway.  Lamps, mirrors and book-cases........all from thrift-stores!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Magnet Mania!

Whenever I go thrifting, I keep an eye out for pretty magnets. Here are a few pretty ones (picked up at thrift-stores) that I have placed on the side of the refrigerator in our vacation cottage. 

This little french photo card has a magnet backing. Love this!

Love the beautiful faded colors in this kitty magnet!

An array of pretty magnets!

A favorite Bible verse magnet!

Baby pic in clear acrylic frame magnet.

This little acrylic photo frame magnet has a mini pic of my parents in it. Love!

Used little clear magnets to hold up this pretty Washington Monument photo card!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day All!

Love, Love, Love Valentine's Day! In light of this romantic day,.......enjoy these pics of my favorite hearts....found at either thrift stores or flea-markets. 
Purchased this little empty pink box for .25 cents and absolutely love the sentiment! 

It looks so pretty on my vanity holding a bit of jewelry! 
My sweetheart chair. An all time favorite piece of furniture!

Bought this little heart necklace at a thrift store in Eureka for .75 cents. Love it!

A heart shaped crocheted  pillow found at the bi-annual street fair in my area.

These are my favorite heart earrings. I have had them for years and years!

Love these little pink heart earrings too!

I made this little heart pillow for my new grand-niece. The lace heart was a piece I cut out from a nightgown that I bought at thrift store for $1.00. Didn't like the nightgown but knew that the lace heart in the back would make a pretty  pillow.

The embroidery thread I purchased at thrift store for .25cents to make the pillow above.

What is Valentine's Day without a little romance! Bought this print at a thrift store a few years ago. Love it!

My Sweetheart! (Wedding day 1980)

And of course Valentine's day just wouldn't be quite right without a lot of pink flowers!

Finally, my favorite heart is not from a thrift store or a flea-market but from the HEART! My mama made this heart for me years ago using a scratch-art technique on printed tin. My mom is in a nursing home now, and I miss her so, but this heart makes me think of her!