Friday, February 28, 2014

A gourmet backsplash via marble cheeseboards!

When I spotted a white veined marble cheeseboard in the thrift-store, I snatched it up immediately, knowing that if I found two more identical ones (via a leap of faith), I could make a marble backsplash for behind my cook-top. I was able to find two more cheeseboards just like the one I purchased at the thrift-store on My idea turned out so great. I added two narrow marble threshold pieces (found at Lowe's) to hold olive oil, vinegar, spices, etc. Above the cook-top, I have a plain-jane white vent that I added peel & stick lights and three magnetic timers (found at Pier One). The vent now almost looks like a fancy euro unit. While my kitchen could use some up-dating, I have managed to give it a gourmet look without the expense.  Love it!  Also, I just have to post a pic of my new dish-washer that came just today. Have gone without a dish-washer for years, and now am looking forward to all the time I will save (NOT washing dishes). LOL :)

Love my new back-splash/cook-top area!

Having spices, olive oils, etc. accessible while cooking is so handy!

My new Bosch Dishwasher! Why did I wait so long?

Though my other appliances are white, it still fits in nicely!

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