Saturday, November 30, 2013

Love Lacy Lampshades!

This morning I went to the (last Saturday of the month) 50% off sale at my local hospital charity thrift-store. Found this pretty lampshade for $2.50. Am not that crazy for the lamp itself, but love the vintage lacy shade with the silk pink ribbons. Would have paid $2.50 for the shade alone. The second picture is of a lamp-shade I bought at Target. The lacy cut-outs look so pretty with a pink bulb. The shade is perfect on a vintage crystal lamp I bought a few years ago at a thrift store. The little dusty rose pink lace shade (.50 cents) was also found at a thrift store. Love the intricate lace work. The last picture is just a pretty lace shade (purchased at a St. Vincent De Paul) store for $2.00.

Not so crazy for the lamp itself, but love the shade!

This lacy "target shade" looks so pretty on at night with a pink bulb! Love!

Such pretty intricate lace-work!

My favorite lacy lampshade!

Here, in my family room! Love!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Prayer!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are truly thankful for all of God's many blessings. Seems fitting to once again post a pic of my favorite "Thanksgiving Prayer" book-mark. May you and yours all have a very special day! 

Preparing for a Shabby Chic Thanksgiving!

My husband and I cooking away in the kitchen!

Below are a few pics of my son and hubby playing baseball in the park. What a fun day! We sure missed our daughter Catherine though! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Marble Bowl

I found this beautiful marble bowl for $5!! It has such beautiful colors!

Vintage Oak Dining Tables! (thrift store finds)

Found both of our round vintage dining room tables at thrift stores. One for $100.00 and the other one for our vacation cottage for $50.00. Love both of these tables, and wouldn't think of trading them in for brand new tables. The vintage wood adds character, and both tables fit in beautifully with a shabby chic decor. If you like the look of vintage oak, keep an eye out for beautiful tables like these. Here are some pics. 

My table services 6 people, and makes for a cozy setting!

Also found the mismatched chairs at a thrift store & slip-covered them. Of course the star of this photo is the beautiful ocean view!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fresh flowers for the week! (in thrift store cream/gold pitcher)

There is nothing like fresh flowers to add charm to a setting. Ran out over the week-end and purchased these pretty pink roses. Was anxious to use a cream/gold colored pitcher purchased at a thrift store in Eureka for $3.00. Love this!  Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Beaded Purse

Love this purse I got a couple of weeks ago.. I've been wearing it non-stop.

Vintage Wardrobe Slip!

Sometimes you find that one special item while thrifting that you are just crazy about! For me, that is my vintage wardrobe slip. Just love the flowered design. Just one of these little wardrobe slips looks so beautiful on a rack of vintage clothing. Wish I could find more of these. They are hard to come by.

Coffee-table Books!

It is fun to display pretty coffee table books. They are easy to find at thrift-stores. I pay around .50 cents to $2.00 for books. At that price point, you can rotate often!

Some of my favorites!

Coffee table-books & mags displayed in an adjacent bookcase!

Very large coffee table books in the family room!

Cozy Sweater

I found such a beautiful and cozy sweater at the thrift store! Seems perfect for lounging and studying - like I'll be doing today... and will be perfect for wearing out all winter.  



Knitted by Hand - This sweater is really a piece of art.
Topped off with a pretty thrift store necklace

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cigar Boxes! (transformed)

If I find cigar boxes at the thrift store and they are very inexpensive, I will purchase them. They are fun to re-vamp and either give away as gifts or use for storage. I have found several cigar boxes at thrift stores. I have purchased most of them for around .50 cents. Transforming cigar boxes is fun thing to do!

Made this one for my sister. 

Add a personal sentiment with your gift!


Catherine loved receiving this little treasure!

I keep my little boxes in a basket under coffee table for easy access.