Saturday, November 30, 2013

Love Lacy Lampshades!

This morning I went to the (last Saturday of the month) 50% off sale at my local hospital charity thrift-store. Found this pretty lampshade for $2.50. Am not that crazy for the lamp itself, but love the vintage lacy shade with the silk pink ribbons. Would have paid $2.50 for the shade alone. The second picture is of a lamp-shade I bought at Target. The lacy cut-outs look so pretty with a pink bulb. The shade is perfect on a vintage crystal lamp I bought a few years ago at a thrift store. The little dusty rose pink lace shade (.50 cents) was also found at a thrift store. Love the intricate lace work. The last picture is just a pretty lace shade (purchased at a St. Vincent De Paul) store for $2.00.

Not so crazy for the lamp itself, but love the shade!

This lacy "target shade" looks so pretty on at night with a pink bulb! Love!

Such pretty intricate lace-work!

My favorite lacy lampshade!

Here, in my family room! Love!

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