Friday, June 27, 2014

Extended coffee table with thrift store stands!

Love to sit around our family room with a large group of family and/or friends. Have always been a bit short on seating for everyone when company comes. Extended our coffee table with thrift store stands and topped them with marble. Also, pulled in my $5.00 thrift store chairs. Now the room serves a large group well. Also, the larger coffee table is perfect for all those fun thrift store books/mags, candles and flowers!  

The room now seats 7 comfortably!

My pink baskets still fit perfectly under the table....but now baskets are tucked under the other side for more storage as well!

My two $5.00 thrift-store chairs!

A larger table is a good excuse for bringing in more books and candles!

And of course flowers. Now the perfect room for relaxation!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Polka Dot Summer

I've been thrifting for my spring/ summer wardrobe;....Love this weather lately!

At first I thought this top would look better with jeans bc. it is was so long; but I love it with my new cut-off jean shorts. <3
The polka-dots are actually sheer, see-through black.
A sweet side-tie
The back

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week-end is approaching! Settle into a comfy "niche" with a favorite magazine!

Tomorrow is Friday. Love the week-ends. Can't wait to settle into my favorite perch! Here, is a pic of my comfy couch. The striped pillow-case provides a casual vibe. Purchased this pillow-case for a $1.00 at my local hospice thrift-store. Love to unwind on the week-ends with a stack of magazines as well. You can find a variety of magazines at thrift-stores for often around .25 to .50 cents. I tend to pass over gossip mags in favor of decorating ones. I especially love Romantic Homes, Romantic Country, and Country Living. Keep your eyes peeled for such magazines, especially if you crave design inspiration. Have a great week-end! 

Aww! Casual Comfort! Don't like rooms that are too contrived, or have a museum like feeling. Here everything is casual and comfortable !

Stacks of favorite mags! 

My favorite magazines (for design inspiration): 

Romantic Country
Romantic Homes
Flea Market Style
Country Living
House Beautiful
Coastal Living
Ideal Home 
Any kind of vintage and/or cottage publication

I also love British and/or European decorating magazines. They are just great for design inspiration and so fun to read. These are extremely difficult to find at thrift-stores however. I usually find mine (for purchase) at our local library.  Once in awhile I splurge and buy a new one at Barnes & Noble. Love these!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Heavenly Birthday Dear Sister/Aunt!.......

Happy Heavenly Birthday Dear Sister/Aunt. We love you and miss you so much.......

In my entry way, a little electric candle burns continuously in memory of my beautiful sister and Catherine's Aunt whom is celebrating her Birthday in heaven today. Love you Karen! 

Miss you everyday!

My beautiful sister (and Mama) holding newborn baby, Catherine!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Bella Mocha Travel Collection! (a non-thrift store splurge for a recent trip)

 I recently met 5 of my "girl" cousins in Las Vegas for a mini-reunion.  The trip certainly was a lot of fun!  Before I left, I splurged on Rachel Ashwell's "Bella Mocha Travel Collection". This collection was perfect for the trip. I carried the weekender bag on the plane, and packed the matching tote and clutch. Absolutely love the fabric, pattern and vintage blue zippers. I ordered the matching make-up bag as well, but it is still on  back-order. Here are a few pics!

The week-ender bag is perfect for sliding under the seat in the plane.

Love the vintage blue zipper and long detachable strap.

This is the little clutch. I used it for storing the power cords to my i-phone and i-pad. I ordered the matching make-up bag as well, which I am still waiting for.

Not the real "Paris" but a close second. So pretty!

Love this collection!

A shot of me on my recent trip holding the "tote".

Light-weight and so portable!

Love that the collection is a faded brown. Very practical as it is not so light in color, and will be easy to keep clean.

Another shot of the "tote". This was taken the week-end before the Vegas trip.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

 Missing my Dad on this Father's Day! When I was a little girl my dad took our family camping. Such great memories. Also, here is a pic of my husband (camping with the kids when they were little). Love old family photos. 

Love this old snapshot of my dad. Here on my inspiration board. 

Fishing with my Dad!

Camping with Dad!

Happy Father's Day!  My two little ones camping with their dad!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Such Nice Recent Finds This Spring

Pictured below are some of my recent thrift store finds. Hope you enjoy and good luck shopping!

A light gray clutch to wear to an occasion/special event.

A vintage pearl necklace w/silver pendant. This necklace has a strong magnetic clasp. I love the convenience.

I love this old vintage gardening pitcher! It is such pretty color blue too.

Black beaded purse - which I've been wearing casually the last couple of months. <3

Love long straps!
My new favorite shirt - the sheer lace on the top and bottom of this stripped shirt looks so pretty.

So cute!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Design inspiration from a .25 cent thrift store magazine.

A few years back, I purchased a decorating magazine at a thrift store for .25 cents. When I got it home and perused through it, I was completely inspired by a living room sofa that was highlighted in the home of decorator Lauren Ross. I ripped out the page, took it to a custom fabric store and ordered a white slip-cover for my sofa like the one in the magazine. The slip-cover turned out quite similar, though the skirt is not quite as long. Here are some comparative pics. (Design inspiration photo vs. the real thing). I absolutely love this slip-cover. It is easy to care for. I would never give it up.

The magazine "design inspiration" photo!

This slip-cover is so pretty.......Love love love it!

My designer slip-cover patterned after the magazine photo.

Love to switch up the pillows and pile them on.

Full back view!

View from the hallway!

Love the designer buttons down the back.

My living room......featuring my sofa slip-cover.....inspired by a .25 cent thrift store magazine.

The magazine page has a place on my "inspiration board"

Friday, June 6, 2014

H&M and Banana Republic

It feels so nice to finally do a blog at the end of such a hectic semester; I've been studying for finals and having so much fun with my fiance who was visiting over my vacation. BUT., I've been missing my thrifting and blogging so much!

Today is a follow up blog from October of last year.

 My mother had mailed me a really cute H&M sweater tee...I loved it! Then it just so happens that at the Goodwill thrift store in New Hampshire, I found the matching cardigan to go over it!  The matching set looks so chic.

Also check out my new Banana Republic tan straight-leg jeans! 

I love the bows and design of this H&M set
Banana Republic Jeans

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Candelabra and new brown flea-market pillow!

Last time we went up to our vacation cottage, I brought back two of my antique candelabra. They cast a warm glow in the evening in my family room and are just so tres' chic during the day. See pics below. Also, note the new brown pillow. I recently got this pillow at the local bi-annual flea market street fair that I wait all year to go to.  Love it! 

Will probably miss these fixtures at our vacation cottage, but am enjoying them here as well.

They even look pretty during the day without turning them on!

Have them sitting atop a pretty pink (thrift-store hamper).

Don't know why I like this pillow so much. I guess it just has a vintage flair. And love the color.

Tres' Chic" ........C'est la vie!