Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week-end is approaching! Settle into a comfy "niche" with a favorite magazine!

Tomorrow is Friday. Love the week-ends. Can't wait to settle into my favorite perch! Here, is a pic of my comfy couch. The striped pillow-case provides a casual vibe. Purchased this pillow-case for a $1.00 at my local hospice thrift-store. Love to unwind on the week-ends with a stack of magazines as well. You can find a variety of magazines at thrift-stores for often around .25 to .50 cents. I tend to pass over gossip mags in favor of decorating ones. I especially love Romantic Homes, Romantic Country, and Country Living. Keep your eyes peeled for such magazines, especially if you crave design inspiration. Have a great week-end! 

Aww! Casual Comfort! Don't like rooms that are too contrived, or have a museum like feeling. Here everything is casual and comfortable !

Stacks of favorite mags! 

My favorite magazines (for design inspiration): 

Romantic Country
Romantic Homes
Flea Market Style
Country Living
House Beautiful
Coastal Living
Ideal Home 
Any kind of vintage and/or cottage publication

I also love British and/or European decorating magazines. They are just great for design inspiration and so fun to read. These are extremely difficult to find at thrift-stores however. I usually find mine (for purchase) at our local library.  Once in awhile I splurge and buy a new one at Barnes & Noble. Love these!

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