Monday, June 16, 2014

Bella Mocha Travel Collection! (a non-thrift store splurge for a recent trip)

 I recently met 5 of my "girl" cousins in Las Vegas for a mini-reunion.  The trip certainly was a lot of fun!  Before I left, I splurged on Rachel Ashwell's "Bella Mocha Travel Collection". This collection was perfect for the trip. I carried the weekender bag on the plane, and packed the matching tote and clutch. Absolutely love the fabric, pattern and vintage blue zippers. I ordered the matching make-up bag as well, but it is still on  back-order. Here are a few pics!

The week-ender bag is perfect for sliding under the seat in the plane.

Love the vintage blue zipper and long detachable strap.

This is the little clutch. I used it for storing the power cords to my i-phone and i-pad. I ordered the matching make-up bag as well, which I am still waiting for.

Not the real "Paris" but a close second. So pretty!

Love this collection!

A shot of me on my recent trip holding the "tote".

Light-weight and so portable!

Love that the collection is a faded brown. Very practical as it is not so light in color, and will be easy to keep clean.

Another shot of the "tote". This was taken the week-end before the Vegas trip.

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