Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day All!

Love, Love, Love Valentine's Day! In light of this romantic day,.......enjoy these pics of my favorite hearts....found at either thrift stores or flea-markets. 
Purchased this little empty pink box for .25 cents and absolutely love the sentiment! 

It looks so pretty on my vanity holding a bit of jewelry! 
My sweetheart chair. An all time favorite piece of furniture!

Bought this little heart necklace at a thrift store in Eureka for .75 cents. Love it!

A heart shaped crocheted  pillow found at the bi-annual street fair in my area.

These are my favorite heart earrings. I have had them for years and years!

Love these little pink heart earrings too!

I made this little heart pillow for my new grand-niece. The lace heart was a piece I cut out from a nightgown that I bought at thrift store for $1.00. Didn't like the nightgown but knew that the lace heart in the back would make a pretty  pillow.

The embroidery thread I purchased at thrift store for .25cents to make the pillow above.

What is Valentine's Day without a little romance! Bought this print at a thrift store a few years ago. Love it!

My Sweetheart! (Wedding day 1980)

And of course Valentine's day just wouldn't be quite right without a lot of pink flowers!

Finally, my favorite heart is not from a thrift store or a flea-market but from the HEART! My mama made this heart for me years ago using a scratch-art technique on printed tin. My mom is in a nursing home now, and I miss her so, but this heart makes me think of her!


  1. Your pictures are so gorgeous! I absolutely love that box and that chair! Oh my goodness, I swoon! Your thrifted style is so soft, pastel-filled, and gorgeous!


    1. Hey Laura! Thanks so much for checking out our blog. So glad that you like it. So nice to hear from fellow thrift lovers like yourself. Just popped by your blog a bit ago. You are just adorable! So glad that you had such a nice Valentine's Day! Hope that you enjoy the rest of your week-end as well. Be sure and follow us on a regular basis. Catherine and I would just love that! xoxo, Julie and Catherine