Monday, February 24, 2014

Perfume decanters/bottles!

Love the look of perfume decanters/bottles gracing the top of a vanity or table. Have found several of these pretty treasures here and there at thrift-stores. Am also posting a pic of a new fragrance I purchased on a 1/2 off sale at Big-Lots right after the holidays; is called "Malibu" by Pamela Anderson. It is such a pretty scent. Of course my favorite perfume of all time is Ralph Lauren's "Romance". While this is not a thrift-store kind of item, it is one of those exceptions I make to my "buy smart, but thrift" philosophy. I always make sure I have a supply of "Romance" on hand, as evidenced by the pic of all the empty "Romance" bottles. Don't know why, but just can't toss out the empties. :)

Love the look of pretty perfume/fragrance decanters sitting out on a silver tray! Adds a bit of sparkle to the room!

Decanter/fragrance bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Often easy to find at thrift-stores.

"Romance" by Ralph Lauren. My all time favorite fragrance. Can't get enough of it. And for some reason, can't throw out the empties.

Love this scent by Pamela Anderson.

Perfume bottles just look so lovely sitting out.....ready to use.

Here, an array of decanters sit atop a pretty mirrored round tray. (Also found at thrift-store).

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

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