Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sailboat prints & ocean-scene paintings!

Found an old children's book on ships & sailboats while thrifing this morning. Bought the book for .50 cents... just to clip out the soft palette photos. How much fun can a girl have on a Saturday morning for .50 cents? See pics below: 

Love the color palette of these sailboat prints found in an old children's book.

This one is just so beautiful!

Bought this sailboat print about a year ago. Love it!

This is an SF sailboat painting that  I purchased at a thrift-store in Oregon. It is a favorite!

Here, my favorite SF sailboat painting sits on my bookshelf  in my living room!

This is a little painting of an ocean scene. I think it may be paint-by-numbers, but I love it!  Bought this at a thrift store in Brookings, Oregon.

Love to mix sailboat prints with rose prints. Such a pretty combination!

Catherine said that she ran across a beautiful sailboat print in a pink shabby-chic frame while thrifting in Newberyport awhile back. She regretted not purchasing it. She is thinking she may go back.....and see if by any chance it is still there. Would be so fun to see. Sounds beautiful!!

Happy Thrifting! Or if you are among the very lucky, Happy Sailing!

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  1. I love this post! These pictures are so serene and beautiful! Mom, it was actually at an antique store near the ocean, not a thrift store. A lady was selling her paintings there. She primarily painted sailboats; so talented! It was $50.00 for one of her 4X6 in a pink shabby chic wooden frame. Maybe I'll go back one day for a non-thrifting splurge bc. it was that good!