Friday, September 5, 2014

"The Greatest of These is Love"

One of the most beautiful items I have ever acquired at a thrift store is this little vintage book by Bonnie Lindsay, Circa 1966:

Entitled, "The Greatest of These is Love", this treasured little book includes favorite passages and scriptures of the author. As per the author's words: "These favorite passages, can answer in perfect sequence our every need. He Left Us The Word.....We have only to inquire of these loving "Scriptures.".

Love this little book full of passages and scriptures so very much!

"The Lord's Prayer".........the greatest prayer of all!

A little passage from this book:  The Steeple beckons Look Up--HIGH UP--in Faith to God.  This is a pic of the steeple of the church that Catherine was recently married in. What a fitting passage!!!

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