Sunday, July 13, 2014

Collections via "thrifting"! (Vintage Prom Dress)

I love to collect Vintage Prom Dresses.......but only via thrift-stores and flea-markets, as I don't want to spend very much money. Was lucky enough to find this gorgeous vintage prom dress a few months ago at a thrift-store. It has a faded pink bodice with rows of beautiful vintage blue lace on the bottom. Love!

One of my "favorites"!

Rows and Rows of Vintage blue lace!

A beautiful faded pink bodice with vintage zipper in the back!

So so pretty! Catherine would look beautiful in this dress. Can't wait till she comes home so she can try it on!

Paired with a vintage hanger, it just "hanging here or there"

Here, on my vintage clothes rack!

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