Saturday, August 30, 2014

Boho-chic comfy bag!

Snagged this comfy Boho-chic bag at a thrift store recently. Love it as the colors are so subtle. Goes with everything! Always check out the hand-bag/tote section at your local thrift-store. You can sometimes find a jewel in the rough!

Light blue & tan stripe!

Neutral color matches everything!

My end of summer go to bag!



  1. Love this bag! Can't wait to find something like this and pair it up with my brand new clutch from !! It's like they were made to be carried together!

    1. Hello Snehaa,

      Just popped over to and saw your new Splash clutch. Super cute! Hope that you find a bag like this to pair with your new clutch. We are so glad that you are following our blog. Look forward to hearing from you again! :)