Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Swap out sofa cushions with ruffled shams! .....& new club chair slips!

Swapped out the back cushions of my sofa with (european) ruffled shams. These large shams are easy to find at thrift stores. I have found flowered ones, striped ones and ruffled white ones while out thrifting. Sometimes a subtle change can have a big impact.

Love how the sham ruffles peak out from the back!

Love this space. Not saccharine, just cozy and inviting!

Over the holiday break I also ordered two ruffled slip-covers for my $5.00 thrift store club chairs. The slip-covers are so wonderful. When they get a bit soiled, I just pop them in the washer. While some say that white is impractical, I find white slip-covers to be easy to care for and in fact very practical!

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