Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Note the Tote! ...... Collection via (thrift stores) as well as Rachel Ashwell!

Was so pleased when the bay area (via election) passed a ban on plastic grocery bags. I know Catherine was happy about this as well,  as she is a big advocate for protecting our environment. Now we bring cloth totes with us when we grocery shop. Have found some great ones at thrift stores. Here are some pics of thrift-store totes that I have found, as well as a few classic totes from the Rachel Ashwell line. 

Found 4 of these for .50 cents @ piece!

Love the little crowns. I keep these totes in my car!

One of my all time favorite over-sized totes. This one was not from a thrift-store. Ordered this on-line. Love it!

Another favorite. Purchased this at a thrift store for $1.00.

Love this pink "Paris Bag". Got this at a thrift store for .50 cents. 

Bought this one at a thrift store for .25cents. Don't know too much about this band, but loved the graphics.

This bag was a gift from Rachel Ashwell. Met her in person at a book-signing in San Rafael. Rachel graciously gave me two bags. Gave one to Catherine. She loves it and uses it all the time!

Have gotten so much use out of my shabby chic tote! Love it!

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