Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Hallway Decorated with Thrift Finds!

We have a long hall way leading to our bedrooms. For the longest time I had done nothing to the long hallway wall. It was so boring! On a Saturday (half-off day) at one of my favorite thrift stores, I found 4 matching book-cases that were an ugly bright yellow. I bought all 4 shelves for $2.50 @ piece, brought them home and painted them a cream color. Above the shelves, I hung a variety of white and cream framed mirrors (all of which I purchased at thrift stores over the years). Now, when I walk down my hallway, it feels so serene! Always keep a watch out for shelves, book-cases and or furniture pieces that could easily be restored. 

Thrift store book-cases

Thrift store mirrors

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