Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dressing up a Chandelier!

To give a plain chandelier a little zip, try dressing up the bottom crystals with  beads and/or recycled  earrings. Here is a pic of my living room chandelier. I wanted to add a touch of turquoise to give the fixture a little color. While I kept an eye out for some added bling at thrift stores, I was not having any luck finding what I wanted. Happened to run to Walmart, and in the front of the store was a discount table with several pairs of dangly turquoise earrings marked $1.00 @ piece. Bought all 4 pair. The earrings along with 6 turquoise and crystal bead ornaments found at the dollar store have added just the right amount of blue to my chandelier.  All for a grand total of $10.00. 

Sparkly blue beads/earrings dress up a chandelier

Here is a pic of my dining room chandelier. Added some taupe crystals on the bottom for extra sparkle. Found these 6 taupe crystals at a thrift store in Oregon.

Taupe Crystals

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