Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hello everyone!  My name is Catherine.  I grew up reluctantly tagging along with mom (Julie) as she ventured through thrift stores and flea markets. I quickly learned that Mom, who appreciates a good bargain, also has a discriminating eye for both fashion and home design. Mom furnished our home beautifully, and almost exclusively with thrift and flea market finds. While mom’s decorating style has been inspired by designers Rachel Ashwell and Atlanta Bartlett, you will see as you peruse our blog how she has developed her own inimitable style.  As for fashion, I am always astounded at her finds, most-often vintage or vintage inspired. 

While it took some time before I fully embraced thrifting and the thrill of a week-end spent flea-marketing, I now relish in the past-time. My style deviates slightly from that of mom’s. While we both love vintage, I also have an affinity toward bohemian style. I am obsessed with old jewelry pieces and have amassed a beautiful collection of vintage jewelry, many pieces of which I will photograph and post for you. I also enjoy collecting both gently used and antique books, and have acquired several first editions. I hope to one day incorporate my book collection into my home décor, as I truly believe books make a home! 

Thrifting has been a wonderful diversion from our professional lives. Mom is a  part-time attorney and I am a 2nd year law student.  While we cannot always enjoy the “thrill of the hunt” together, as we live on opposite coasts, we enjoy sharing our “finds” via text, facebook and e-mail.  Our experiences have been so much fun that we've decided to share our found treasures with you.

We hope that our blog gives you both home decorating and fashion inspiration. You will find recurrent posts, sometimes by me and sometimes by mom. The first few years, posts will likely predominately be those of Mom’s while I finish law school. We hope that you too will become “Hooked on Thrifting.” It is a wonderful way to have fun, as well as save money in these economically challenged times. As an added bonus it is eco savvy. As a passionate environmentalist, any activity that helps each one of us reduce our own carbon footprint is one worth pursuing.

Happy Thrifting! Here is hoping that you score some beautiful treasures at that next thrift shop and/or flea-market.

Here is a picture mom took of her living room.  Notice the mirrors above the sofa.  Mom bought ALL of these mirrors at either thrift stores or flea markets!   

Vintage Mirrors

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