Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Photo Album Caddy!

A vintage metal box (found at a thrift-store) was re-purposed to make a photo album caddy! An unfortunate ramification of the boom in digital technology is the failure to actually develop hard copy photographs.  I will never stop developing photos. There is nothing like being able to pick up a photo or album and view your picture(s) in hand. I love putting together little mini-albums and organizing them into special occasions/family trips etc. Here is a picture of my photo caddy. Visitors love perusing through these little mini albums. Almost any large container and/or basket could serve as a caddy.

Mini Albums are nice to feature weddings, special visits, birthdays, holidays, vacations etc.

My Brother-P touch comes in handy to label each mini album.

This album features our vacation to beautiful Crater Lake!

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