Sunday, January 26, 2014

Faux Pansies!

Am up at our vacation cottage for a few days. As I will only be here briefly, it doesn't make sense to purchase fresh flowers. When I am yearning for flowers and it is not practical to buy fresh ones, I resort to some of my faux flowers that I keep on hand. I don't like many fake flowers, but here are some pics of my faux pansies that always seem to be a good substitute. 

These are the lightest pink faux pansies. Bought these at a thrift store for .25cents. I love them! Also love the vintage thrift store vase! The grey bible to the left was also purchased at thrift-store for $1.00. Love always having a bible close by!

These faux pansies fit right into the shabby chic decor!

Living Room at our vacation cottage by the sea. Was a foggy day when I took this was difficult to see the ocean.

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