Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stylish Necessities

Remember, thrift stores are the place to go to find necessities too.  I found a surplus of much needed items this winter break. Pictured below are just a few. My mom and I had so much fun thrifting together!  Oh, how much I miss her!!

Comfy PJ's are always needed. These are extra soft and warm. I've been wearing them all winter break. My mom was the one who spotted them. The knee socks were brand new. I couldn't resist the pattern. And it was just what I needed since I hadn't packed enough socks for my month long trip.  I also found jeggings, brand new.  I'm always on the lookout for a variety of stylish leggings. Finally, my greatest find/necessity of all..... UGGs! These were in perfect shape and practically brand new. What girl doesn't need a new pair of UGGs in the middle of winter! I was thrilled.

Comfy PJ's are always needed!
Long socks will keep me warm the rest of the winter!
And they're so cute!!
UGGs in great condition!
Jeggings - new w/tags!
Ready for school - It was 9 degrees that day! Keeping warm and staying stylish with my new items.