Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vintage Thrift-store Suit-cases for Decor!

I have found some pretty vintage suit-cases in thrift stores. The ones I have purchased sit on top of my two armoires. I also have a large suit-case that was my grandfathers.(Catherine's great grandfather). He used this suitcase (pictured below) when he traveled from the old country (Norway) to the USA many years ago. Love this suitcase and the story behind it.

The large suit-case on the left was my grandfathers. He brought it to USA on a a ship from Norway.

Love the vintage flair of old suitcases.

The little case on the left is actually a doll's case. The one on the right is also a small doll case.

Like the blue-suitcases in the family room! Love a bit of blue!

The perfect item(s) to place atop an armoire!

An added bonus is that they are nice for storage!

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