Monday, April 14, 2014

A (very old & tattered) pink Bible!

 It was a "meant to be" kind of moment when I stumbled upon this beautiful pink leather tattered bible while thrifting. As you know, my bible featured in prior posts is covered in vintage wallpaper and is filled with satin ribbon home-made book-marks...marking my favorite verses. I plan to fill up this bible in the same manner. Just love how old and tattered the pink leather binding is. Here are some pics! 

Already filled up with book-marks!

Soft leather binding.......and pink! Love!!

I write out family history, dates, birthdays, etc. in my bibles. And love to mark them up......especially highlighting favorite verses etc.

Love that it is old and tattered.....adds to the character!

My book of inspiration!


Old Bibles are easy to find in thrift stores. To me they are just beautiful!

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