Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy 90th Birthday Doris Day!

Catherine and I are crazy for Doris Day! In honor of her 90th Birthday today, am posting some pics of a few of Catherine's classic Doris Day albums. Catherine purchased all of these at thrift stores. Have been listening to her music this afternoon. So fun!  Also, read a recent interview on DD that was released today.  Doris still lives in Carmel by the Sea, is involved with animal rights, and is happy as can be just walking on the beach and gardening. What a wonderful life she has had. Happy 90th Birthday Doris Day!

The photo and graphics on this album are just beautiful!

"The Magic of Doris Day"

What a beautiful voice she has. This album features duets performed with Andre Previn!

Appropriately titled: "Day Dreams"

I purchased this authorized biography of Doris Day a few years ago at thrift-store for .50 cents. Enjoyed every minute of it!

 I gave the DVD collection of Doris Day movies to Catherine for Christmas. All of her movies were just so classic and fun as well!

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