Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Although St. Patrick's Day was yesterday, here in Massachusetts, where so many Irish reside, they celebrate all week! With everyone wearing green today, I was inspired to share some of my "finds" that I appreciate on this holiday.
One of my favorite jewelry boxes
Always have loved this dark green emerald color!
I've had this little vintage metal tray forever! So nice for throwing my keys/remotes/other miscellaneous items on. I think it's so cute sitting on my desk, coffee-table, or next to my TV. 
The back of the tray.  Even though it depicts a 4-leaf clover instead of a Shamrock, and with reference to the French instead of the Irish, it nevertheless gets me in the Irish spirit today. And after all, St. Patty's is celebrated by so many different cultures, so it seems appropriate.... (I'm not Irish either).
"In ancient France the people believed the four-leaved clover was endowed with marvelous virtues and good luck, and this belief still remains all over the world."
My mom gave me these earrings, which she had purchased from a thrift store. She has such great style!
Got these thrifting in California with mom on December break. <3

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