Sunday, October 13, 2013

A closet filled with thrift store/vintage pieces!

I spent my Saturday morning cleaning out my closet and editing my wardrobe. I find a majority of my clothes at thrift stores.  I look for classic and vintage pieces that I can mix and match.  For years, I have limited my clothing color palette to tan, gray, black, white, soft pink and sometimes light blue. Those colors along with my "go to" faded jeans are what I am drawn to.  A peak into my color coordinated closet is evidence of the color scheme that I rarely deviate from.  My closet was getting a bit messy, so it really needed the edit.  Hope that you all find some great pieces to fill your closet(s) on your next thrifting trip!  

My thrift store/flea market necklaces hang behind my closet drawer for easy access!

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