Monday, September 9, 2013

A Dreamy Linen Closet!

There is nothing quite like opening the door of a linen closet and seeing all kinds of dreamy and beautiful sheets, pillow cases, blankets etc.  I often wrap  blankets, linens and sheet sets with silk ribbons in contrasting colors.  You can find all kinds of ribbons and notions at thrift stores. I have a large steel corrugated tool chest that I found at a thrift store that I store all my Christmas decorations in. You will see it in my linen closet in the pic below. Notice the satin padded linen chest, also a flea market find. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

So fun to open my linen closet door!

Notice the vintage tool box on top shelf used for holiday decorations.

Some vintage record albums (all thrift finds) on the left.

Many years ago, my husband bought me a Brother-P-Touch labeling machine. It was one of the best Birthday gifts I have ever received. I use it to stay organized, labeling all my shelves. Even the First Aid bin got the P-touch treatment.

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