Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vintage clothing & satin padded hangers!

I have a beautiful collection of vintage clothing found at flea market and thrift stores.  I especially love vintage dresses, nightwear and prom style dresses. Vintage clothing makes for a lovely design element when displayed on a clothes rack. I also have a large collection of vintage satin padded hangers. I have found most of my hangers for 25 cents @ piece, and some for even 10 cents.

Satin padded hangers

Vintage clothing

Vintage clothing rack in guest room/Catherine's old room

Also love this calendar in my laundry room. This is not a thrift find. I ordered this from Rachel Ashwell.

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  1. JS Hanger Satin Padded Hangers from Bizarkdeal

    PERFECT!!! These hangers are super cute! Just the right size same as a normal size hanger. Packaged in clear thick plastic had to cut open with scissors, sure to be in good condition when shipped. Nicely padded to keep clothes from creasing at top/shoulder area. Hook will move and turn as well if needing to switch directions in closet. Even with a cute little satin bow.

    Great buy for the price! I love them for my evening wear.and special dresses.