Thursday, September 12, 2013

Audubon Prints

Last year I found an old Audubon calender in the thrift store. Audubon was an amazing artist! The calender has such beautiful prints in it; and since I'm such a bird lover/bird watcher, I decided to put up 4 of my favorites over the painting that is mounted to the wall in my bedroom.

After a while, or when I get bored, I'll probably exchange the prints for some others in the calender.  There are so many to choose from. Although this is a calender from 1995, I'm sure I'll be hanging onto it for a long time!

Also, it just so happens that I got to use the calender at my desk last year.  How lucky that the days in 1995 fell on the same days in 2012!  You never know what you'll find thrifting!

Close-up Shot (My favorite, as I love Kingfishers!)

Vintage Calender

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