Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vintage Pins

I love really pretty vintage pins.  Most of these are from thrift stores, with the exception of the bumblebee and the star (both from my grandmother); along with the cardinal pin (from my uncle). They're great for decorating my apartment  - either attached to a bulletin board, next to a picture frame, sitting in a dish, etc. - or you can always use them to revamp an outfit.  
An array of pretty pins (all found at thrift stores)

I especially like wearing the little bumblebee on my cardigans; and wearing the large round pins
on dresses that are a bit too big/need to be taken in.

This one is from a flea market.  I was told it is from the early 1900's.   It was reverse-engraved from the back of the pin.  There is so much detail - it's amazing!

One of my favorites!

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