Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vintage Record Player

My old vintage record player is one of my absolute, most favorite thrift store finds. My mom and I had been searching for a record player for years, and finally we found this one!  I loved the neutral color too, as it goes with any kind of decorating.  
Over the years, I've collected quite a lot of record albums. There is always an abundance of records in thrift stores, and searching for them never seems to get old. My mom also has her own record player, so we both are always on the lookout for good music. We share our music with one another too, which is really nice. The thing I love about record players is that there is a certain vintage quality-like sound that makes the music sound extra beautiful.  My mom is the sweetest, and recently picked up this Doris Day album for me; not only is it my style of music, but I think the album cover itself is so pretty too.

Added a few pretty album's to Cat's blog post.     

More album covers with beautiful graphics. So easy to find at thrift stores.

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