Monday, September 23, 2013

More Marilyn!

Like my daughter, I love Marilyn Monroe memorabilia! Thrift stores are great places to find everything "Marilyn". Am visiting Cat this week, and loved how she hung a Marilyn poster (that she found thrifting) on the back of her door. I couldn't resist snapping a photo.  Am also posting pics of a few Marilyn books that I have found  at thrift stores. Also, purchased a small Marilyn poster for .50 cents. It provides a little touch of glamour at my bedroom vanity!  Happy Thrifting everybody!

Marilyn poster on the back of Cat's door!

Pretty Marilyn poster just seems to add a touch of glamour to my vanity!

Pretty book with black & white photos!

Bought this Marilyn book for $1.00. Fell in love with the beautiful color patina on the cover.

Another thrift store find!


Have a great week everyone!

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